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Welcome to Chamber Studio

Chamber Studio is a professional recording studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For 25 years we have worked with local, national and international acts to produce records of an exceptionally high calibre. Please take a look at our client list to see just a few of the names who have used our recording facilities.

The Recording Studio is based around a Neve VR Legend console. This desk, coupled with two inch and half inch tape machines, a Protools HD system, a great microphone selection, and our unique sounding, large live room, puts Chamber Studio among the top recording facilities in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Whatever your recording requirements, our skilled engineers and producers have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goal. We have worked with all musical styles through the years and are always keen to get involved with something new.

Please get in touch to organise a tour or talk to one of our engineers and see how we can help with your project.