Chamber Studio built its reputation around analogue recording, creative engineers and a great-sounding live room. With the addition of digital systems and the Neve console, you now have the chance to work on some of the very best equipment available in that same creative environment.

Most artists work on a production with us from start to finish. Some will do parts of the tracking with us, or just the mixing. Whatever the project needs, we can cater for it. We believe that every project requires a different approach and that the people involved are one of the biggest factors in that. We encourage all artists to come to the studio for a visit, have a look around and chat with one of our staff about their project. Please get in touch to arrange a tour.


Whilst we believe that getting the source material recorded properly is paramount, the mixing stage can also take your recording to a higher level. We have a separate dedicated mixing facility along with the main studio. A great deal of mixing is done remotely these days. Clients will send us the raw audio files online and completed mixes will be sent back. We can mix from/on to either analogue or digital mediums.

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding the mix process or the service we can provide.


Mastering is the last stage of production. The engineer works with your completed mixes, applying further compression, equalisation and other processing to bring your tracks together into one coherent recording. Encryption of coding and track order are also taken care of at this stage to leave you with a finished product ready for physical pressing or digital distribution.

As with mixing, we can master your tracks on an online basis.


Dry Hire

Our engineers know our studio rooms and equipment inside out but we appreciate that sometimes artists will want to work with their own engineer/producer. All our standard rates include a house engineer, but we will offer the studio hire at a discounted rate if the artist wishes to bring their own staff. We can of course provide an assistant for a nominal fee should the artist require some in-house knowledge.

There are also a large number of engineers with their own overdub/mix rooms but who lack the space to record live bands / ensembles etc. Any engineers/producers who wish to bring their own clients into the studio and use the facilities, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

Demo/Pre-Production/Off Peak sessions

Making a record can often be an expensive and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is key, so having good pre-production demos made in advance allows artist and producer alike to better understand the material they are working with.

We also appreciate that cost is a big factor for a lot of people wishing to record their music professionally. Whilst we try to keep our studio rates fair and reasonable, there are costs that have to be covered. Should you be looking to make a record with us on a tighter budget, we offer late sessions after the normal working day is complete. If this something that might work for you, please get in touch.