Neve VR48 Legend – Flying Faders / Total Recall



Apple Mac Pro, Octo Core
Pro Tools Ultimate / HDX (28/36 i/o)
Avid 16×16 Analogue Interface (x2)
Digidesign 192 Interface
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Recorder/Player
Tascam CD RW900 Pro CR Recorder/Player

Other Software

Large Selection of plugins by UAD, Fabfilter, McDSP, Soundtoys, Eventide, Waves, Celemony, Native Instruments etc.


Otari MTR90 MkIII 24 Track 2” Tape Machine
Otari MTR90 MkII 24 Track 2” Tape Machine
Dolby SR 24 Noise Reduction System
Otari MTR12 Stereo 1/2” Tape Machine
Revox PR99 Stereo 1/4” Tape Machine*


Barefoot MM27
Yamaha NS10
Quad 405-2

Outboard Dynamics

ADR F760X-RS Compex
dbx 160VU (x2)
dbx 902 (x2)*
dbx 903 (x5)*
Drawmer DS-201 (x2)
Empirical Labs EL8XS Distressor (x2)
Gyraf Audio Gyratec X HPF
Mohog FET76 (x2)
Neve 33609/J
Overstayer Saturator NT-02A
Retro Instruments STA-Level
Smart Research C1
Summit Audio TLA100
Spectra Sonics 610
Tube Tech LCA-2B
Tube Tech CL-2A
Tube Tech CL-1B
Urei 1176LN (x2)
Valley People Dynamite (x2)

Outboard Preamps/EQ

API 560
API 550A (x2)
Crane Song Flamingo*
Elysia XFilter
Little Labs VOG
Maag EQ4
Manley Massive Passive
Neve 1073DPX
Samsamp Tech21

Outboard Effects

Dynacord PDD14
Eventide Eclipse
Eventide DSP4500
Little Labs VOG
Merris Ottobit
MXR Digital Delay
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo*
Roland SDE-330
TC Electronic 2290
Yamaha SPX90


John Broadwood & Sons Grand Piano
Yamaha U3 Upright Piano
Rhodes Mk1
Yamaha YC45D Organ
Leslie 122 Rotary speaker cab
Nord Wave
Moog Minitaur
Arturia Minibrute


AKG C12VR (x2)
AKG D224E (x2)
Audix D6
Blue Baby Bottle
Beyer Dynamic M201
Beyer Dynamic M100
Beyer Dynamic M88
Earthworks TC30K (x2)
Electro Voice RE20
Flea 47
Groove Tubes MD3
Josephson e22s (x2)
Microtech Gefell M300 (x2)
Microtech Gefell UM92.1s
Microtech Gefell UM70
Neumann KM84 (x2)
Royer 122 MkII (x2)
Sennheiser MD421 MkII (x5)
Sennheiser e602 MkII
Sennheiser e606
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 (x5)
Shure SM58 (x3)
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 52
STC/Coles 4038 (x2)
Yamaha NS10 Sub Kick
Radial JDI (x2)
Radial J48
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI
Palmer PAN03 Quad DI
Palmer Y-Box


Digital Audio Labs Live Mix 8-Way headphone distribution system
Beyer Dynamic DT1770 Pro
Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro (x4)
Beyer Dynamic DT100 (x8)
Beyer Dynamic DT102 (x2)



Pearl Masters Studio Custom (Birch Shells)
22” Kick Drum
12” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom

1971 Gretsch (Maple Shells)
24” Kick Drum
20” Kick Drum
13” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom


1971 Gretsch 6-ply, maple – 14”x 5.5”
Camoletto custom 3-ply, maple – 14”x 7”
Ludwig 402 Supraphonic – 14”x 6”
Ludwig Black Beauty – 14”x 6.5”
Pearl Free Floater, brass – 14”x 5”
Orange County custom, maple – 14”x 4”
Pork Pie, patina brass – 13”x 7”

Percussion cupboard – full of all the usual suspects plus some weird and wonderful bits for you to experiment with.

Bass Amplifiers

Ampeg SVT II Pro head
Ampeg 810 Classic cab
Gallien & Kruger 1×12 cab*
Mark Bass Little Mark 250 head

Guitar Amplifiers

Fender Pro Reverb
Flynn Custom Tweed Super
Flynn Custom Plexi 45 head
Matamp 1224 head
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head
Supro Royal Reverb*

Guitar Cabs

Marshall 1936 2×12 cab (Vintage GT12s)
Marshall 1960BV 4×12 cab (Greenbacks)
Orange PPC212 cab (Vintage 30s)
Victory Amps V212VC 2×12 cab (Creambacks)

As well as our backline, we have an extensive selection of guitars, basses and effects pedals available for use.

We can also arrange the hire of a number of vintage guitar amplifiers/instruments. If there is something in particular that you would like for your session, please ask.

Equipment marked * can be available for sessions if requested in advance.
Chamber Studio use Van Damme Cabling and K&M stands.